General Terms and Conditions – Camping Reles-Mühle

Our general terms and conditions are part of the contract to be concluded with the campsite regarding the use of the campsite. They apply exclusively to bookings of pitches and rental objects on the site.

Part of the GTCs is our price list. The prices shown are final prices and include the legal value added tax.

The guest has to inform himself about the prices valid for the offered service in the registration period.

1. Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is the rental of pitches, bungalows and caravans on the site to guests. The scope of the service results from the booking confirmation. Additional agreements that change the scope of the contractual service must be expressly confirmed in writing.

2. Booking and conclusion of contract

2.1 The booking shall be legally binding only after the consent of the campsite, the payment of the pre-determined down payment and the acceptance of the general terms and conditions in case of an online reservation.

2.2 The deposit amount varies depending on the payment method, season and other factors and can be between 0 and 100% of the total amount. (Point 4. of our GTCs)

2.3 Reservations bind the campsite only after its consent, which it may freely give, refuse or revoke at any time, depending on vacancies or, in general, on any circumstances that may contradict the fulfillment of a reservation made.

2.4 The campsite therefore expressly reserves the right to refuse and cancel reservations. In this case, services already paid will be fully refunded within 14 working days.

2.5 The campsite offers stays for families in the traditional sense, the accommodations and pitches are specifically designed for this purpose. The campsite reserves the right to cancel reservations that contradict or try to circumvent this principle.

2.6 The reservation of a pitch or rental accommodation is personal. No subletting or assignment of a reservation is possible without the prior consent of the campsite.

2.7 Every guest and visitor is obliged to report to the reception upon arrival.

3. Booking requests

3.1 The booking request can be made electronically via the Internet using our contact form and by e-mail, by mail, by fax, in person or by phone. However, it is generally recommended to use the direct online booking.

3.2 With the booking request by e-mail or telephone, the guest offers the campsite the conclusion of a binding contract for the use of the site, including these terms and conditions. The booking request does not constitute a contractual relationship.

3.3 The contract between the guest and the campsite is only concluded upon receipt of the written confirmation of reservation from Camping Reles-Mühle by e-mail to the inquirer.

3.4 If a deposit is stipulated in the reservation confirmation, the required deposit must be paid in full and on time. (Point 4.1. of our terms and conditions).

3. Booking changes

3.1 Requests for changes in reservations must be made directly to our campsite. This can be done either by e-mail or telephone or in the case of online booking via the website.

3.2 The campsite reserves the right to change the booking equally, if this seems necessary for special reasons (eg: Flood, continuous rain, double occupancy, occupancy structure of the pitches or obligatory changes by regulations).

4. Payment

4.1 Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the Guest shall make a down payment specified in the invoice to the account or payment service provider indicated therein. In case of non-payment or late payment, the campsite reserves the right to reallocate the place resulting from the booking confirmation. The deposit will be deducted from the total price.

4.2 Deposits must be paid within 3 working days using the payment methods provided, unless otherwise stated. Otherwise, the booking becomes void. In this case, a separate cancellation confirmation by Camping is not required.

4.3 If the guest has not received an automatic payment reminder via the online booking, it is the guest’s responsibility to contact the campsite.

4.4 The campsite reserves the right to waive the deposit entirely. In this case, the total amount of the booking will be due on the spot.

4.5 The final payment shall be made by the guest at the campsite’s registration desk no later than the day before departure.

4.6 The settlement of possible additional costs such as electricity consumption, daily visitors and washing coins will be made on the spot at the latest on the day before departure.

5. Withdrawal / cancellation / early departure

5.1 The guest can withdraw from the contract at any time by declaration to our campsite. The contract should be declared stating the dates of arrival and departure. The withdrawal must be declared in writing by e-mail or via our online booking system.

5.2 If the guest withdraws from the contract within the free cancellation period of 7 days before the date of arrival, any deposits already made will be refunded in full within 14 working days. For rental accommodation, a free cancellation period of 14 days before the date of arrival applies.

5.3 The campsite reserves the right to withhold deposits already paid for bookings cancelled after the free cancellation period of 7 or 14 days before the planned date of arrival. Under special circumstances, this right can be waived.

5.4 If the guest does not start the trip, the campsite shall retain the right to the total amount of the agreed payment, according to the legal regulations.

5.5 In case of early departure of the guest, the campsite reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the accommodation price.

6. Extraordinary withdrawal and cancellation

6.1 In case of gross violation of the campsite rules, the operator is entitled to extraordinary cancellation and the guest is obliged to leave the campsite immediately. In this case, the guest has no right to a proportional refund of the stay. The operator is also entitled to withdraw from the contract for objective reasons. For example, in case of force majeure or other circumstances for which the operator is not responsible make the fulfillment of the contract impossible. Bookings are made culpably under misleading or false information essential to the contract (eg to the person). The operator has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the accommodation service may jeopardize the smooth operation of the business, the safety or the reputation of the campsite in public, without this being attributable to the control or organizational sphere of the operator.

6.2 The guest is obliged to observe the campsite rules posted at the reception.

7. Tax changes

All prices quoted include the applicable sales tax at the time of invoicing. In the event of a change in the applicable sales tax rate and if the services have not yet been rendered, we reserve the right to use our right to compensation in the amount of the additional sales tax burden resulting from the change in the law. The reservation of adjustment shall also apply to levies or changes in other municipal levies/taxes.

8 Liability

8.1 Every guest is obliged to treat the rented object and its inventory as well as the stand and all public areas, especially the sanitary facilities, with care. He is also obliged to compensate for any damage caused by him. The campsite operator is not liable for property damage or loss incurred by the guest, his fellow travelers or visitors, unless there is intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the operator or his employees. In particular, not for flora, fauna and weather-related damage. The guest is also liable for his fellow travelers. The campsite shall not be liable for any property brought into the campsite.

8.2 Claims for non-contractual performance of services shall be addressed immediately and exclusively to our campsite. If the guest culpably omits to report defects, claims of the guest can be completely or partially cancelled.

8.3 If the rented pitch has a defect that goes beyond a mere inconvenience, the guest shall immediately notify the campsite operator or his representative of the defect. Upon knowledge of the defect, the campsite operator shall endeavor to remedy the situation. The customer is obliged to contribute what he can reasonably be expected to do in order to remedy the disturbance and to keep any possible damage to a minimum.

8.4 The campsite does not guarantee the size, quality and condition of the pitch during the rental period. The exclusion of liability also applies to the effects of noise, dirt, odor and weather conditions of any kind.

8.5 By using the pitch or the rented accommodation, the guest indemnifies our campsite against any claims for compensation made by a third party to our campsite arising from damage caused by the guest, his relatives or visitors, or objects of any kind brought by them.

8.6 Parents are obliged to exercise their duty of care towards their children, otherwise there is no liability claim to the campsite. The liability of the campsite for all play and sports equipment provided for use, pool, trampoline, tree house, etc. is excluded.

8.7 The camping company is only liable in case of intent or gross negligence of its legal representative or vicarious agent according to the legal regulations. Otherwise, the camping company is only liable for injury to life, body or health. This applies to all claims for damages (in particular for damages in addition to performance and damages in lieu of performance), regardless of the legal grounds, in particular due to the violation of obligations arising from the contractual obligation or from tort. For falling branches or similar, the camping company is only liable within the scope of the existing liability insurance. There is no claim for damages caused by force majeure.

9. Data protection

9.1 The data provided to the campsite will be processed and protected according to the legal regulations and here especially the DSGVO.

9.2 By making a binding booking and entering the campsite, the guest agrees that his personal data collected in the course of customer service will be stored and processed in the EDP of the operator. The operator is entitled to make photographic recordings, especially aerial photographs for marketing purposes. If persons or property of the guest are to be recognized here, which are not in the foreground, the guest commits himself to agree to the use.

9.3 The area of the campsite is monitored in critical parts with video cameras. This serves on the one hand for your own safety and on the other hand for the perception of the house right (determination and application of security procedures). The recordings will only be evaluated in case of need and only the required data will be stored until clarification. The data will not be passed on to third parties. The video recordings are automatically deleted on a regular basis in accordance with §6b (5) BDSG. In addition, the recording device is protected from access by unauthorized third parties by suitable measures in accordance with §9 BDSG.

10. Dispute resolution procedure

Our campsite Reles-Mühle is neither already nor obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

11. Final clauses

The camper confirms with his booking that his personal data are correct. By accepting the booking he acknowledges the general terms and conditions. The legal regulations and the law of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.

Severability clause

Should individual provisions of the GTC be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The wholly or partially invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision whose economic effect is as close as possible to the invalid one.

Place of jurisdiction is 54675 Körperich.