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You can sit in the sun and enjoy the day or take a walk that will take you to nearby stores, restaurants and cafes.
Head out and enjoy the unique scenery in our wider area.


In 1977 it was restored to its former glory and is now one of the most important architectural monuments in Europe.

Vianden Castle is easily accessible from the campsite through the adjacent Kammerwald forest.


If you take a hike from the campsite into the adjacent Kammerwald forest, you will be walking along old smugglers’ trails that still give an adventurous impression today. Imposing oaks lend the Kammerwald something fairytale-like. Especially the magnificent royal oak, with 350 years one of the oldest trees in the West Eifel, radiates a majestic dignity with its girth of 5 meters and a height of 32 meters. The natural, open valley of the Gaybach has a magic all of its own.


The Mullerthal region is often called the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg and owes its name to the hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The landscape of sandstone cliffs and gorges owes its unique appearance to erosion over thousands of years. Therefore, in 2016, the Mëllerdall Nature & Geopark was established, which has been part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks since 2022. The Mullerthal Trail leads the experienced hiker over 112 km through a magnificent hilly and rocky landscape.


A landscape formed by elemental forces: Meter-high rock faces, weathered, full of crevices and fissures. Mighty boulders, as if hurled by giants in wild confusion. Trees whose roots cling to the stone. A narrow gorge, cool and dark… The Devil’s Gorge.

Eifelpark Gondorf

Covering an area of around 100 soccer fields, the Eifelpark Gondorf adventure park offers a unique combination of amusement park and animal park.
More than 60 attractions and over 200 wild animals make the Eifelpark the leisure destination for families with children, school classes and kindergarten hiking days, senior excursions and eventful group trips.

Eifel-Zoo Lünebach

In the Eifel Zoo Lünebach you can experience around 60 different animal species up close. Feed and pet deer, sheep, horses and bison and experience the magnificent lions.


The Fell visitor mine is a former slate mine that was established as a visitor mine in the former Fell-Thommer mining area in the Nossernbach Valley. It consists of two superimposed typical roof slate mines (pits) of the turn of the century. The upper adit “Hoffnung” has been documented since 1850, the lower adit “Barbara” since 1908. The two adits are connected by a 100 m long staircase shaft. The underground tour lasts a good hour.


Trier “Augusta Treverorum” as the oldest city in Germany with more than 2000 years of history is a popular destination for guests from all over the world.

The monuments are stone witnesses from the Roman and Electorate times. The Porta Nigra, the Imperial Baths, the Amphitheater, the Barbara Baths, the newly excavated Cattle Market Baths as well as the Roman Bridge over the Moselle River still show us the stately dimensions of a once magnificent Roman city. In addition to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Church of Our Lady, six Roman buildings and the Igel Column have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This is remarkable when you consider that there are only 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany in total.


Where Bitburger is at home Experience the number one draft beer brand with all your senses at the Bitburger Erlebniswelt. On a guided tour, visitors see, hear, feel, smell and taste how Germany’s number one draft beer is created. In addition to the historical development of the company and the Bitburger brewing tradition, the raw materials, the brewing process, and the bottling process are vividly illustrated.


However, the museum houses not only stoves and irons, but also many thousands of rarities and unique items from other fields. Today, on an exhibition area of about 500 m², there are more than 200 different cast-iron stoves and 40,000 exhibits, such as taka plates, scales and weights, waffle irons and hosti irons, fireplace saws, irons, wall clocks and grandfather clocks, gramophones and much, much more. Here you can dive into beautiful memories of times gone by. Nostalgia – longing for the old times – can be felt in all rooms of the museum.

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A wonderful location with shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity as well as the neighboring Grand Duchy/Luxembourg await you.

Adventure and recreation for the whole family!

Our surroundings offer numerous excursion destinations for young and old.

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Together you will have a barbecue and in the evening you will drink a delicious beer around the campfire.

Enjoy nature and tranquility!

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